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obamacare policy and thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhatr tonight's "willis report." have a great weekend and we will be back on monday. lou: the obama white house has refused to divulge the number of people who have enrolled in obamacare since the law went into effect. and now we know why. the numbers are so embarrassingly low that the obama administration is scrambling to wish her that this signature legislative achievements survive the obamacare disaster. i am lou dobbs. ♪ ♪ lou: evening, everyone. the obamacare website is a disaster. max baucus is calling for major changes in the program now in enrollment numbers for the first few days of the obamacare rollout are dramatically disappointing for the administration. the white house has been telling us for months that millions of americans have been visiting health, but the house oversight committee released internal notes from meetings that show only six people in total successfully enrolled on the first day enrolled. obamacare is a train wreck that has become a laughingstock as a result. as of today, the hite house pushed back ex
is election eve, as such goes, tomorrow's elections are being styled as a referendum on obamacare. and administration that has been dishonest with americans, the biggest problem for the president, is that millions of americans are learning first hand. dimensions of that dishonesty, i am lou dobbs. >> good evening we're just hours away tonight from polls opening across the country. residents of some of the nation's big of cities are set to choose their next may irs, es or -- mayors and gubernatorial's elections in a few states. bill deblasio could be first registered democrat to be elected new york city mayor in two decades, union cash, floods boston mayor race as pro labor martin walsh trying to fend off john conley, a diagramcrat pushe -- democrat pushed by republicans for his small government views, mayoral race coming down to the wire in detroit. chris christie looking to cruise to reelect in new jersey. in virginia. republican candidates, cuch nelly closing the gap on his democratic opponent, and terry mcauliffe. with a number of other polls tightening, quoting the race, withi
the obamacare headlines from the obamacare punch lines these days. paper applications, 800 numbers, applying by fax; obamacare appears to be leading us boldly, boldly into the 1980's. remember before this thing launched, the administration swore up and down that obamacare was ready to go. democratic leaders in congress told americans that the law's implementation was fabulous, that obamacare was wonderful. the president reassured everyone that it was working the way it was supposed to. and, of course, washington democrats bragged about their fancy, new web site, the web site that cost taxpayers $100 million, $200 million, $300 million? well, no one's quite sure. that's just one of the unanswered questions we hope they'll clarify soon. now, to be fakers the president likes -- to be fair, the president likes to say obamacare is about more than just a web site. he's right. that is why fixing a web site won't solve the larger problem here. the larger problem is obamacare itself. the larger problem is what the few people who actually have signed up for coverage have discovered about this law. the
of obamacare. >> there is no excuse for it, and i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. >> let me say directly to these americans you deserve better. i apologize. >> a new report. just six people enrolled on day one. and the president broke his promise. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> is the initial debacle a sign of things to come? today a debate over how obamacare will affect you. between one of the architects of the plan, dr. ezekiel emanuel and a leading critic, jamesváisd capretta. >>> one senator threatens to block federal nominees until a survivor of the benghazi attack appears before congress. >> how can the congress conclude an investigation if you don't have access to the people? >> senator lindsey graham only on "fox news sunday." with election day two days away we'll ask our panel how much trouble both parties are in. from our power player of the week. >> i knew from the second what had happened and why it happened. >> charles krauthammer opens up about his life-
many people enrolled on obamacare, p that's an answer that the a president of the united statesom could get.ople if they wanted to. i'm surprised at the number. it isre obviously low. but i love to imagine the scene of what it would be like to govt in on wednesday morning to the oval office for the morning briefing for the president and to have to tell him that onlyg six people signed up forave obamacare. i mean, that would have been a very embarrassing moment. >> they had to know. they know exactly what the v number was day one, day two. if you have six per day in order to get to the 7 million you need, it's 28,417 years. no wonder they're holding back the number. even if the number is 6,000 or 60,000 when they finally release them, it doesn't matter. the system -- it will never be where they need it to be in march. they have to, right now, they probable will he should do isprb sooner rather than later say we're going to delay it.han either delay the individual mandate or being penalized. not >> juan, they'll have to do one of the two. what do you think they'll do, if anything? how do
to hit the pause button on rollout of obamacare amid brand new troubles with the federal health care website. welcome to the monday edition of "happening now." i'm jon scott. >> hi, everybody, great to see you today. i'm jenna lee. anxiety is rising across the country as americans experience growing frustration with this dysfunctional website. now the outages are going to become a regular thing over the next few days. the obama administration announcing that the website will be down every day from 1:00 to five a.m. eastern time while it is being fixed. if you're out on the west coast, by 10 p.m. tonight you won't have access to the website for several hours. so no late night shopping for any of you on the west coast. senator kelly ayote is calling on president obama to order a timeout. the new new hampshire republican wants a bipartisan group to convene about the problems with the website and the law. there are serious concerns about obamacare's long term financial liability. early numbers from state exchanges, nearly all of those enrolled are being funneled into medicaid, not insura
back online. thank you, peter doocy. martha: number of obamacare enrollees is reportedly very low and somewhat a mystery as to how many of them are actually out there. open enrollment started october 1, so little over a full month now. he white house has not released any hard numbers on it. they say it will come in the middle of november. according to documents released by the oversight committee, only six people signed up on day one. the next day it went up to 2.48 people. most of those people who signed up were not paying at all, they were enrolling in medicaid by huge numbers in terms of how out of whack that part of this is. stuart varney joins me now. stuart, these are nowhere near the numbers we heard were needed to make this solvent. stuart: that is precisely right, martha. you need the biggest pool possible with as much money as possible. that is why under obamacare everybody's got to have insurance, they want your money. if young, healthy people don't pay into this system, there's not much money going in. if a lot of older, sicker people go into the system, they're taking
and congressional democrats have insisted time and again that the obamacare insurance exchanges would be tested, secure, and ready to go on october 1. the president even told the american public that signing up online would be as easy as a few simple keystrokes. perhaps the president has not tried logging onto the website himself, because he and his political appointees are not required to join obamacare. let me repeat that -- the president and his team are not required to join obamacare. unfortunately, the rest of the country doesn't have that luxury. too many americans still cannot even access the online exchanges, and for the few that have, their experience is sticker shock. the president told us obamacare is more than a website. i agree. it is more than just a website, and the problems run far deeper than a few technological glitches. when middle-class families are getting hit with massive premium increases and outrageous deductibles, it is more than just a website. when hard-working americans are seeing their hours cut and paychecks shrink, it is more than just a website. when more people
believes obamacare has been repealed than have been able to sign up for obamacare. [ laughter ] the whole point of web sites is to design them so that it is nearly impossible to not sign up for something. every time i go on amazon has a 6% i'll overnight myself seasons of night court. are you sure you want to leave this message? yes, oops turns out i ordered something. >> i think the number one point about the rollout is there's huge interest. 19 million individual visits to the web site it's huge. >> jon: yeah, that's huge, you've angered a lot of people. >> the number one worry before we started was are people going to be interested? will people sign snup and the answer -- signup? and that the answer is yes. >> jon: yeah, but their number one worry was will i be table get health insurance out of this thing and the answer appears to be 90%. at least for the 10 percenters able to log on and enroll life is beautiful. >> there's flawed data everything from duplicate enrollments, to missing data fields to problems with eligibility and spouses reported as children. [ laughter ] >> jon: what k
of americans would lose their health plans under obamacare this is unfolding by the hour. good morning, this is what we have this hour on "america's newsroom." martha: we have a lot. good morning, bill. good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. these numbers are staggering. our own reporting shows that the white house knew 67% of the 14 million people who buy their own insurance can expect a cancellation letter in the mail. nbc news put that is number as high as 80%. that is more than 11 million people, folks, who already either lost their medical insurance or soon will. >> so if the president truly knew this would happen way back when, 2010, that means he continued to make the promises he knew he could not keep under this law, after signing the overall law in march of 2010. stephen hayes, senior writer "weekly standard," fox news contributor. parse this now, steve. your take? >> this is bigpretty big deal. this is confirmation of what many republicans were saying all along. the main promise of the white house's president obama's signature domestic policy that you could keep your
at their job. >> right. >> meets your definition of credible insurance they can't get obamacare subsidies. >> that's correct. >> if a person is 25 years old and they go on the website and say their income is x and that is eligible for subsidy, they can get that subsidy. if they're eligible to be on the parents plan they're not elgible for the subsidy. >> that's right. >> the question is are you filtering that? here is the problem, if you get this wrong you have to take that money back in their tax refund. tax refunds matter. people plan lives around tax refunds. plan spring break for kids. >> i understand that. >> plan car payments and bills and what people in this country don't yet know which you if you get this wrong you already acknowledged you're not doing it right they will get the tax refun taken away from them because they signed up for an subsidy which they are not epgable for which they didn't know. >> if you're on the site, this is part of clear instructions for folks under age 2, including the fact you're basically completing this application under penalty of perjury. very clea
're losing their insurance policies. they talked about that grandfathered-in clause buried in obamacare. there was an estimate in there. h.h.s. went in and they said things are grandfathered in according to that march date, where if you have a policy, up to that point in 2010, you can keep it. but they went in and narrowed it. but only if your insurance company makes any changes to your benefits, makes any adjustments to your up fronts, then they can actually drop you. the estimate was there. >> so they knew all along, 40% to 60% would not be able to hold on to their insurance plans. on top of that, instead of saying that's true, they're saying i blame insurance companies for that. soon they're going to blame the private sector for that. now all the problems with the rollout, they're blaming companies hired on the outside. nobody is taking responsibility. but they knew in particular they're not telling you to get rid of your plan but it doesn't make it economically feasible for you to hold on to your plan for those insurance companies. meanwhile the administration is pushing back on the
industry -- they know exactly what is going on and they never got fired. is ahole obamacare smokescreen. this guy got elected and he got elected to change trade policy, to change the insane tax policy, to change the policy dealing with antitrust. for the past five years, what you people have been able to do whichus on this obamacare has very little to do with the ,verall economy versus the wars the insane trade policies or insane tax policies. all of this is a smokescreen. it is almost like weapons of mass destruction. if you're going to say here and the 15,000 when you have 20,000 on unemployment. 100 million people are living in poverty -- this is all this is. this is just politics to of peoples issue being critical of the president? we are at the point of this country where the whole thing is completely collapsed. after they at obama, had three years of borscht, the system needed the opposite. you people in the media created barack obama. and said of him coming in addressing the policies -- instead of him coming in addressing the policies, now you can talk about obamacare. i grew up
, they say, firmly tied mcauliffe to the disastrous rollout of obamacare and fired up the tea party base. >> make no mistake about it, tuesday is a referendum on obamacare in virginia. let's go beat obamacare. let's beat higher taxes. let's protect our constitution and send terry mcauliffe back to the other side of the potomac where he belongs! >> reporter: overall turnout in this off-year election is expected to be low so, scott, if there is a big turnout among tea party supporters, this race could be closer than the polls would suggest. >> pelley: chip, thanks very much. in an apartment in munich, germany, customs officials reportedly have discovered a vast trove of modern art believed to have been stolen by the nazis from jewish collectors. included are works by picasso,s, matisse, chagall, all valued at over a billion dollars. the owner of the apartment is said to be the son of an art dealer who was known to the nazi leadership. world war ii had villains and heroes-- like these former p.o.w.s. why did the u.s. refuse to honor them? that's next. that's why there's boost® high protein
services, kathleen sebelius, to resign her position because ofo the disastrous rollout ofhe obamacare. taxpayers have spent 400 millioo to create exchanges that after three and one-half years stillad don't work. as a result, the white house had to announce last night that theo key enforcement mechanism to their individual mandate, a $95 fine that increases every year, will be waived until the end of march of next year. that's fine for those currently without insurance, but for the millions being forced into the exchanges and losing their current insurance, there's no relief, just higher prices. a likely lapse in insurance coverage, a broken web site and broken promises.romi we already know of 1.5 million americans who are losing their policies because starting january 1 many insurance policies that they now have will not be legal under obamacare ana because the exchange will not be working, they won't be able to choose another policy. this chart gives an example of what's going on. just in three states -- california, florida and new jersey -- there are 1.4 million insurance policies t
this morning. >> i said last week that obama-care is like a wet blanket over our economy. american people are looking for more jobs better wages but with all the uncertainty around this law, employers are having a verydy. time making decisions. it's time to delay this. it's time to fix this. before it gets only worse. >> another threshold question that no one at the white house or the administration wants to answer, how many people have been successful in signing up for this website. the problems first began to surface about three weeks ago, they will let us know in mid november. >> so mike, the bottom line in washington is they are talking about obama-care again. >> again, yeah. >> thank you very much, mike. officials are confirming a outbreak of polio in syria, this would be the first in 14 years. there are ten -- excuse me, confirmed cases 12 many are now being investigated. most of those people being tested are babies. last week the u.n. launch add campaign to immunize nearly 2.5 million children against polio and other diseases. with thousands of refugees fleeing every day, they are
on the kron four morning news. another headache for the obamacare website and lawmakers want answers. we'll have the latest on what kathleen sebelius will face as she testifies on capital hill. and here's a live look outside. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. at&t u-verse high speed internet offers more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hotspots than ever. go to our website below to get u-verse high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. it's all the speed you need all at a great price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives yomore of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hotspot that connects your wi-fi devices and can even save on your smartphone data usage at home. go to our website below to get at&t u-verse high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. that includes access on-the-go to our entire national wi-fi hotspot network
the obamacare train wreck. americans remember a, quote, soothing assurance from president obama in 2009 when he was hawking his affordable care act to the masses. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. now tell that to the hundreds of thousands of americans who already have received letters from health plans essentially telling them you are on your own, end of quote. as the failed rollout of obamacare continues, american families are beginning to see its disastrous impacts, and this is just the beginning. in the coming weeks more reports will reveal their president's signature health care law will increase premium rates, force employers to cut back on workers' hours, destroying jobs, and terminate existing policies for needy families. congress must address this issue. the house has acted. the senate must do the same to protect every american family from an unsustainable disaster. in conclusion, god bless our troops and we'll never forget september 11 and the global war on terrorism. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does
marylanders are still trying to sign up on the obamacare website. meghan mccorkell has more from the intense hearing on capitol hill. >> reporter: that problem-plagued website has sparked lots of controversy on capitol hill. >> we're barely four weeks into this one, and we're already declaring it dead. >> why should the american people believe you now? >> reporter: rapid-fire questions for the head of the health care website for what's being called a disastrous rollout. >> this health care gov site is fixable. >> reporter: another hit for obama care. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. >> reporter: but cbs news has learned insurance providers are dropping more than two million people because their policies don't meet minimum standards for the new law. >> the website says if you want to keep the health insurance you've got you can keep it and now they're being told they can't. that's a lie. >> reporter: and sending more people into the health care exchange. in maryland, officials say more than 3
's not applicable. perhaps we can talk about obamacare. always happy to have that discussion, once again. but again, this is a bipartisan bill. all we're trying to do is ensure if 80 years of settled law that has helped working families is about to be upset, then we better have proof it's going to help the people that it claims to help. the amendment from the gentleman from california would totally, totally eviscerate that. and so i urge opposition. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: all time for debate has expired. pursuant to the rule, the previous question is ordered on the bill, as amended, and on the amendment offered by the gentleman from california, mr. miller. pursuant to clause 1-c of rule 9, further consideration of h.r. 2374 is postponed. pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house n recess for a period less than 15 minutes. what it does is to go on the record and show they disapprove the increase in the debt ceiling which they were unable to win a -- the showdown with president obama over in terms of extracting additional spending cuts, you
in order to kill the affordable care act, obama-care as they would have it, are now holding a series of hearings wondering what in the world is wrong with this website, why people can't get on and buy the insurance that they are trying to kill to take away. dave camp is the came of which committee. he wants to know how many people were able to log on successfully, a very sharp exchange. >> do you not have any idea of how many people have enrolled? >> folks are still in the process of enrolling both in the state base exchanges and in the federal exchanges. >> are you getting those numbers? >> amount i getting those numbers, not yet. >> you have no numbers on who is enrolled? you have no idea? >> we will have them available mid november. >> so tony, what is the upshot. we have been through that exercise, clearly that won't happen. not only republicans many democrats are calling for a delay in that individual mandate. march 31st is the deadline. you can face a fine, and now many democrats have joined republicans in pushing the administration to push that back given all the problems with
insurance market, 5% of the population. >> first of all that 5% is 15 million people. the whole obamacare is to get 30 million uninsured insured. secondly, is it just the individual market that will lose their policy? >> no, small business plans are being forced to pool their workers with a larger pool of other workers. many small businesses right now are dropping their insurance -- >> it's not just small business or individuals, there are big companies, time warner, ibm, series, k mart, walgreens. none of those people can keep their current policies. >> those are companies making decisions of how they want to insure people. before obama care they could drop coverage at any time. before obama care they didn't have to offer insurance to their people and many didn't. we have 50 million uninsured people, and most of those are workers who didn't have coverage. so before obama care. >> simple question, are they going to be able to keep their coverage. >> the president doesn't say seres, drop coverage. ser sears decides. when the private companies decide to drop people, you blame president obam
for obamacare. the head of the federal health care web site admits the sign-up is small, and finally says this to the american people. >> i want to apologize to you that the web site has not worked as well as it should. >> pelley: nancy cordes and sharyl attkisson are on the web site fiasco. america's spy master reveals the u.s. has routinely eaves dropped on allied leaders. bobaur on the fury over n.s.a. surveillance. the stock market makes history. anthony mason on what's driving today's numbers. and whatever happened to the people of the inferno? elaine quijano one year after hurricane sandy torched a neighborhood. >> it's a disgrace that we waited this long. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the head of the agency that oversees the government's health insurance web site appeared
be denied health insurance coverage? >> it's a false choice to say it's obamacare or nothing. there are numerous proposals, including the one i'm a co-sponsor of. >> are you serious, what you just said? are you really serious? >> we've gone through 44 votes-- 48 votes now-- of you trying to dismantle this legislation. you call that cooperation? i don't! >> reporter: next up, tavenner's boss health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. she appears tomorrow before the house energy and commerce committee. rough >> woodruff: we'll talk about the growing complaints that existing insurance policies are being canceled, right after the news summary. lawmakers from both parties called today for barring the sweeping surveillance of phone calls and e-mails. but the chair of the house intelligence committee warned it would hurt the hunt for terrorists. meanwhile, white house officials said president obama is considering ending eavesdropping on allied leaders. more on all of this, later in the program. hard-hit areas of new york and new jersey marked one year today, since hurric
-time low. obamacare is at a rough start. more u.s. spy revelations have rocked even our closest allies. and did the president consider replacing vice president joe biden with then-secretary of state hillary clinton? that's according to a bombshell in a new book "double down, game changing 2012." bob wood card, katty kay, david axelrod, bill kristol. i'm david gregory in washington. >>> and good sunday morning. the killing of a tsa agent at los angeles international airport is raising questions about the motives of the 23-year-old suspect, and also airport security. do tsa agents need to be armed? our justice correspondent pete williams will be here in a little while to give us an update and fresh report on all of that. but first, the obama care debate. the was actually off site for repairs over the weekend. they said saturday the glitches are, quote, just at this present time of the iceberg. this week, as you might have remembered, the president traveled to boston to compare the rough start of obama care to what he called the slow start of the massachusetts health care p
to participate in the expanded medical insurance from obamacare. liz: friday we have delphi management founder scott black talking about cult stocks to avoid, he mentioned netflix, tesla. you say the same thing about tesla. and again at that same jersey mall -- i know, can you believe i was traipsing around the mall? -- i snapped the picture because they have a mall store, and there were a lot of people in it. why do you say avoid tesla? they're coming out with earnings this week, by the way. >> these stocks whether it's tesla or netflix, linkedin, these stocks all sell for over 100 times next year's earnings. so you have to have some very aggressive, positive assumptions for some period of time in order to justify those valuations. i think that's a high risk kind of area for the market, and i wouldn't want to go near it. i suspect if we do get a pullback, these stocks will pull back more than the overall market, and so i think there's much better values in the market. this is the froth of the market, and the twitter ipo might just feed further into it. so i'd be take taking gains if i had the
obamacare. is there a belief in washington that these hearings are about fixing the website or yet another attempt, attempt number 42, to do away with the affordable care act. >> the house vote that had many times, the senate did not, which is why it remains law. these are a continuation of the high level of scrutiny and interest in the law, probably more about that than actually findings solutions to the problems. >> that being said, when something goes wrong in the real world, where most of us work, when something gets messed up, and as much as $500 million is spent, somebody's head has to roll. why shouldn't congress call for the head of kathleen sebelius? >> the law is quite complex. we are in an era where people are looking to assign responsibility. i would just know the contrast that 16 states around the country are running their own versions of what the federal government tried to bring up and their success rate is pretty high, so this certainly is something that can be done successfully. problems arise. if you can solve the problems in a reasonable amount of time, i think we would
have faced $170,000 in penalties under obamacare. this is another example of the government picking the winners and losers. we are the losers. there is no way i can be competitive if i have to raise my prices to cover 170 thousand dollars. here are my options -- do not pay the penalty, raise my prices and go out of business, 85 people go out -- loser., layoff 35 employees, move more production to this company, reduce 35 jobs. here is a quote from the other -- since they are high labor, no margin business cannot say to -- cannot afford to pay for insurance for our employees, we are faced with living our business through brinker at sea. there are heavy obligations that will continue whether we operate or not. firing of employees to get under 15 employees, even if we close the location, we cannot escape many expenses such as rental agreements. what am i supposed to tell these people? in the i think that employer market, 95% of all american businesses are exempt ,rom any kind of requirements cover employee insurance. there are outside the law. they continue to be outside the law, but th
are probably giving away more of your private personal information when you sign up for obamacare then you will ever give away by someone spying on you. and that's the fact. host: andre is next in d.c., democratic caller. andfre? good morning. caller: good morning could i just want to say to each and every american that until we come to the realization that we are the employers and everybody on the hill are the employees, they are going to continue to -- host: ok, that will have to be our final thought. the house is about to come for their warning this -- morning business. live coverage of c-span on the house. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> the director of the economic council gene speerling talks sly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., october 29, 2013. hereby appoint
for an exclusive interview. and president obama's approval rating is at an all-time low. obamacare is at a rough start. more u.s. spy revelations have rocked even our closest allies.
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